Halite Crystals Salt

Halite Crystals are exquisite chunks of special and rare very clear glassy crystals usually found embedded between layers of Pink Rock Salt in the mines.  These rare halite crystals are also known by some as “Salt Diamonds” due to their clarity and sparkling shine. A specific and super-rare halite crystal with super-high clarity is used in the making of high-range telescopes for cosmic and outer-space exploration and can fetch value into millions of dollars for just one crystal good enough to be cut into a prism.

Halite Crystals are used for Sole Drinks where these crystals are placed in a glass jug which is then filled with drinking water and left over-night. Within 24 hours, the crystals dissolve in the water to their maximum natural limit and the liquid turns into Sole (pronounced “Solay”) drink. One teaspoon of this liquid every morning gives the human body its entire day’s worth of minerals requirement!

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