Textile Dyeing Grade Salt

Keeping in mind that Pakistan enjoys a prominent position in cotton production, Ism Enterprises provides its customers with the high quality, credible dyeing salt with the main emphasis on maintaining the low hardness in salt and restoring the fabric colour.

Ism  has specialized in the field of textile since Pakistan is a prime producer of cotton. We have been serving the textile sector for over 15 years now. We make sure that the textile sector is well taken care of by always bringing innovative grades in salt.

The hardness alone is not the only factor that impacts the dyeing. The impurities also affect the quality of the dyed fabric or yarn. Since we have expertise in this region, we enjoy a handsome domestic market share as well as decades-old export customer that have the guarantee of our high quality, credible dyeing salt that will not create problems while using it for dyeing purposes.

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