Double Fortified Food Salt

Double Fortified salt is available in two grades at Ism enterprises This idea of double fortification was conceived by those researchers who have been researching on this activity for well over 20 years. We have developed the process and offer two grades in double fortified salt, one being Salt Fortification with IRON and IODINE, mostly used for populations with acute iron deficiencies.

The second type of Double Fortified Salt we produce is with Fluoride and Iodine. It is produced at our facility with utmost care to keep levels of Iodine as well as Fluoride in a controlled and balanced form that conforms to food grade salt standards required to be met in certain countries where governments imply double fortified salts to be used as consumable to counter deficiencies of these minerals in their general population. We have mastered this technique of double fortification and have been exporting these products for almost a decade.

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Edible Himalayan Pink Salt

The Himalayan Pink Salt is believed to be the purest form of salt as it is excavated and mined from ancient salt mines dating back to over 250 million years when these mountains used to be living oceans that were trapped beneath the earth’s crust due to massive geological changes on our planet. This ancient sea salt solidified over the passage of time and is now known as Rock Salt.  The mountains’ stretch starting from the Himalayas in Nepal and passing through India and ending in the North of Pakistan, is where this salt is mined from, hence giving it the now world-famous name of Himalayan Pink Salt.

This salt is an edible product that contains over 84 trace minerals and elements vital to human health.  The pink colour of the salt represents its high iron content in its natural form and adds a unique look to the presentation of any food. Known for its high mineral content and therapeutic properties, the Pink Salt can be used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, soothe sore muscles, and remove toxins from the body, besides giving a healthy and naturally controlled supply of necessary minerals and nutrients to the human body. Himalayan Pink Salt is available in a range of different grain sizes to meet each customer’s specific needs, it is used as a healthy substitute for common table salt as well as popular for everyday cooking needs.

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Fleur De Sel Pyramid Crystals

Fleur De Sel Pyramid Crystals have a delicate flavour and high mineral content and are used popularly as a finishing salt. The pyramid-shaped flakes can be crushed by hand and sprinkled over dishes.

Fleur De Sel Pyramid Crystals are rare, flaky salt crystals made by carefully scraping the top crust of the salt in harvesting ponds. The salt is produced naturally by methods involving the sun and wind. This salt has no artificial flavour or additives. It has a natural delicate flavour and high concentration of minerals, making it perfect to be used as finishing salt. The flakes in the salt crystals add a crunch to the gourmet food when sprinkled on top of the completed dish.

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Halite Salt Crystals For Sole Drinks

The Himalayan Halite Crystal Salt Sole solution supplies the body with the natural energy stored in the salt crystals, enabling the body to hold this energy for up to 24 hours.

The Halite Salt Crystals solution energizes the body naturally. The energy is transferred from the natural energy stored in the crystals and lasts up to 24 hours after consumption. It greatly helps harmonize acidity, normalizes blood pressure, reduces chances for arthritis, kidney and gall bladder stones and eliminates skin diseases.

Available in a bag of 25 kg, the daily consumption of halite crystal salt sole drink can be invaluable to our bodies. Ideal to drink on an empty stomach on a regular basis, it could be used as little as a drop, or up to a teaspoon in a glass of water.

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Pink Himalayan Salt Flakes

Finest Himalayan salt melting flakes.

This salt is added to the food/gourmet dishes but is not pulverized; instead, it melts on the palate and thereby exerts a mild, sweet, bitter herb, pleasant salty taste. It is not refined nor processed and does not contain any additives and so far is one of the world’s few sun-dried Himalayan pink salt flakes.




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Smoked Salt

Smoked Salt Medium is an aromatic edible salt product that has a unique smoke flavour. This salt is popularly used to enhance the barbecue flavour in different dishes, but it is not limited to barbecued dishes only. Its production is all natural and no chemicals, artificial flavours or colours are used.

The smoke flavour is added into the salt by putting the salt over burning wood for around 48 ~ 120 hours. Smoked Salt is used by high-end celebrity chefs around the world, with a handful of manufacturers globally; this product adds distinction to our product range of edible salts.

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Black Salt

Black Salt is a special edible salt product that has a distinct flavour. The salt is rich in minerals and iron and is treated with a local herb that grows around the region where the rock salt mines are located at. The colour of this salt is not really black as the name suggests, it has a dark purple colour. Black salt is preferred by vegetarians and is used mostly on top of salads and fruit dressings. According to many, the flavour of black salt resembles the flavour of hard-boiled eggs. The coarse crystals of Black Salt can also be put inside a handy table salt grinder and directly milled onto dishes for a fresher flavour.



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Fluoridated Salt

Fluoridated Salt is fortified by adding measured amounts of Sodium Fluoride in dry salt. Ism enterprises is the sole producer of this special fortified salt in Pakistan and has been manufacturing and exporting it to overseas markets for the past few years.  The production of this grade of edible salt is sensitive and done with meticulous care to ensure that the amount of sodium fluoride being added to the salt is in very strictly controlled measurement and is also evenly distributed in each production batch.

This salt is beneficial for oral health since it prevents tooth loss and decay. Proper intake of Fluoride and getting rid of the deficiency can help us in the prevention of such diseases. The first international symposium on Salt Fluoridation came to the conclusion that:

“Table salt is an ideal vehicle for administering Fluoride, and salt fluoridation is an effective and safe measure for partial control of dental caries. Its wider use should be encouraged and supported.”


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Halite Pink Rock Salt Crystals

Himalayan Salt is rich in minerals and has therapeutic properties that have a relaxing and healing effect on the human body.

Himalayan Salt is extracted from the salt mines present in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, hence the name. The salt from the Himalayas is rich in minerals and has many therapeutic characteristics. It is a popular product amongst many customers due to its properties. When used during baths, the Himalayan Salt not only beautifies the skin but also helps people with skin, joint and gynaecological diseases. The Himalayan Salt can be found at many massage parlours and clinics due to their healing properties. They are also used to relax the body. The salt is available in the size of a date for the convenience of the customers.

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Halite Crystals Salt

Halite Crystals are exquisite chunks of special and rare very clear glassy crystals usually found embedded between layers of Pink Rock Salt in the mines.  These rare halite crystals are also known by some as “Salt Diamonds” due to their clarity and sparkling shine. A specific and super-rare halite crystal with super-high clarity is used in the making of high-range telescopes for cosmic and outer-space exploration and can fetch value into millions of dollars for just one crystal good enough to be cut into a prism.

Halite Crystals are used for Sole Drinks where these crystals are placed in a glass jug which is then filled with drinking water and left over-night. Within 24 hours, the crystals dissolve in the water to their maximum natural limit and the liquid turns into Sole (pronounced “Solay”) drink. One teaspoon of this liquid every morning gives the human body its entire day’s worth of minerals requirement!

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