Arabian Sea (Coconut & Peppermint)
Sea Salt Cleansing Body Scrub.
Citrus Relish Scrub
Use the Citrus Relish Scrub once a week for smooth and glowing skin.
Lavender Scrub (For Face and Body)
Menthol Hand and Foot Soak
Immersing your hands or feet in a tub of warm water mixed with Menthol Scrub is a nice way to relax after a long day.
Rose Scrub
Rose and Himalayan salt work together for the ultimate beauty restoration.
Tea Tree
The Tea Tree Scrub not only helps you get rid of your dead skin but also gets rid of acne and exfoliates your skin, making it soft and moisturized. The combination of Salt and TeaTree works well as a moisturizer and prevents the skin from acne.